Here’s one way to raise morale in wartime: Women are stripping down for sexy selfies to show their support for the Israel Defense Forces, now engaged in a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

Submissions are pouring in from all over the world on the Standing With IDFFacebook page, with women are inscribing pro-IDF messages on their body before snapping pictures. After just two days, the page has received more than 16,000 likes on Facebook.

Most of the pictures feature women with “I

The page’s creator, Gavriel Beyo, 27, lives in Tel Aviv and has a background in marketing. With rocket attacks in Israel and combat casualties mounting from the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge, he remembered historic pictures showing soldiers looking at pinup girls before battle.

So on Wednesday, he started the Facebook page, thinking of it as a way to celebrate Israel’s freedom and those who fight for it.

Check out some photos from the Facebook page.


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