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Slayer's Tom Araya says he wants to include the group's late guitarist Jeff Hanneman on the band's next album. 

The rocker tells they have two Hanneman songs that are ready to go.  He explains that in the year before Jeff died he presented several ideas to the group, including one complete song. 

Tom says the other track is a song he and Jeff originally wrote for the album World Painted Blood.  He admits they were never really satisfied with the song, which is why it wasn't included on their 2009 album, but they've now finished the track.  Araya adds that there could be other contributions from Hanneman as well.  

He says he hasn't "had the privilege of going through his audio files" yet, but he plans to listen to the material with the hope that he can find a way to used the music Jeff left behind. 

Hanneman, who was a founding member of Slayer, died of liver failure back in May. 

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