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Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme considers himself a giant "Star Wars" fan, and he thinks he can bring some "magic" to next few films in the saga.  But the rocker doesn't have the obvious roles in mind. 

Homme shows off his best droid acting in a new spoof audition on the YouTube comedy channel "Stinky Mike."  He even breaks out his R2D2 impression, which more or less consists of him repeating phrases like "gleep glorp" and "blop bleep." 

There's no word from "Star Wars" director J.J. Abrams about whether Josh got the role, but based on the poorly made cardboard costume he wore to the audition, his chances look slim. 

Even if the acting career doesn't pan out, Homme can still fall back on Queens of the Stone Age.  They're on the road supporting their latest album ...Like Clockwork, and will take the stage this Friday at the Austin City Limits Festival. 

Watch the video below: