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AFI frontman Davey Havok is asking for help as he makes the transition to the big screen.  He's set to star in an upcoming film about '90s era punks and skins called The Violent.  But right now Havoc and the movie's director and screenwriter are using a crowd-funding campaign at to raise money to help get the production started. 

Havok says he thinks The Violent is an important film because it represents a culture that many people don't know much about.  He adds that he was immediately drawn to the script because it seemed "very, very genuine." 

In addition to acting in AFI's music videos, Havok briefly starred in the Broadway musical American Idiot back in 2011. 

Havok and the rest of the film's production team have so far raised more than $6,000.  They hope to reach their first goal of $20,000 by August 14th.  According to their IndiGoGo page, $500,000 ensures that The Violent will be made. 

Photo: Getty Images