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Arcade Fire's long-awaited new single is finally here. 

The Grammy-winning indie rockers debuted "Reflektor" on Monday with a pair of new videos. 

The first is an interactive clip created by the band's longtime collaborator Vincent Morissett.  Dubbed a "virtual projection," it allows fans with Google Chrome to use their mouse, tablet, or mobile device to control the video's effects. 

The second video, directed by Anton Corbijn, features the band transformed into bobblehead-like characters.  And keeping with the reflective theme, there's also a man covered in mirrors and plenty of disco balls. 

"Reflektor" is the lead single from Arcade Fire's upcoming fourth album.  The song features backing vocals from David Bowie and production work from former LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy. 

The new record is due out October 29th, while the band is set to perform on the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" on September 28th.