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Arcade Fire's highly-anticipated fourth album won't be the only new music they put out this year.  The Canadian indie rockers are also set to score director Spike Jonze's new film "Her," which arrives in theaters in November. 

A new trailer for the movie hit the Internet on Wednesday and included a revealing "Music by Arcade Fire" note in the credits. 

This won't be the first time Jonze and the band have teamed up.  The trailer for the director's 2009 movie "Where the Wild Things Are" featured an acoustic version of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up."  And in 2011, Jonze returned the favor by directing their short film "Scenes from the Suburbs." 

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire's next studio album is due out October 29th.  It still doesn't have an official title, although there are rumors it will be called "Reflektor." 

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