Listen to The Calling

Frontman Alex Band is working hard to bring the Calling back, but he's apparently running into trouble with the band's founding guitarist, Aaron Kamin. 

According to "The Hollywood Reporter," Band is suing Kamin for supposedly feigning concern that the Calling fans will "suffer confusion" if he's absent from the lineup.  But Band says Kamin told them he wasn't interested in continuing with the group back around the time they put out their 2004 album Two.  And even when he had a stronger affiliation with the group at the height of their success, Band says Kamin rarely appeared with them. 

Band is now asking a California federal court to declare that Kamin has effectively abandoned his trademark rights to the Calling, which is reportedly close to signing a new record deal. 

This isn't the first time Band and the Calling have made headlines this year.  Back in August, the singer was abducted, robbed, beaten, and abandoned on train tracks in Michigan following one of the group's gigs.  Alex's bandmates eventually found him and took him to a local hospital. 

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