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Radiohead fans can now enjoy the band's Kid A album with their stomachs. 

Detroit Golf Club chef Kyle Hanley has created a ten-course tasting menu that pairs each course with a track from the band's 2000 release.  The meal includes a pan seared Diver Scallop appetizer to go with "Kid A" opener "Everything in Its Right Place," some maple sugar seared duck breast to compliment "Optimistic," and a Mousse Duo with blackberry pate de fruit to finish things off with "Motion Picture Soundtrack." 

Hanley tells the "Huffington Post" they worked hard to make one course flow into the next just like Kid A does from track to track.  He says that with a "visceral band" like Radiohead, he hears "textures and colors" when he listens to their albums. 

Hanley's meal -- dubbed "A Night with Kid A" -- will be served for one night only on Wednesday, February 19th in Detroit. 

Photo Credit Getty Images