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Fiona Apple is offering her side of the story regarding her supposed onstage "meltdown" in Japan last week. 

The singer reportedly left midway through her appearance at a Louis Vuitton event in Tokyo because of excessive audience chatter.  But now Fiona has released a statement explaining that she did indeed do her job and finished her set.  She also went after all the, quote, "twits who call themselves journalists" who said she left early. 

Apple adds that writers failed to note that there is a difference between annoying back-of-the-room chatter and the "operatic drunken blather" that happened in Japan. 

Apple - who ends her statement with the words "no apologies" - is set to get back on the road next month for a joint tour with Blake Mills. 

Apple issued her statement with a little help from friend Questlove.  She sent the message to the Roots drummer who, in turn, sent it to 

Questlove also added his own thoughts about the artists, celebrities and the issues that arise when "gifted geniuses" like Apple are put in front of a "celeb crazy environment." 

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