(Yahoo!) - For Shaun White, no longer is shredding reserved for the slopes — it's also got a place onstage. The legendary snowboard champ moonlights as lead guitarist of L.A. rock band Bad Things, and they've got a whirlwind summer ahead of them. Today, the band announced they'd signed with Warner Bros. Records to release a debut album later this year.

"Caught Inside" is the band's debut track, carried by beachy strums and a strong indie-rock flow. Its title originates from a surfing term to describe the bruising effects of paddling out and becoming dangerously stuck between the shore and where waves break.

Bad Things are set to embark on a summer tour kicking off July 11 in New York City. They will proceed to various stops across the Midwest and East Coast through August 9, when the tour comes to a close in Minneapolis.

Listen below to determine if "Caught Inside" will become your next favorite find of the season, and if Shaun can make the tricky transition from athletic to rock star:


Photo Credit Getty Images