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Noel Gallagher is not much of a One Direction fan.  The former Oasis singer went after the boy band in an interview with GQ, saying that "everyone's winning" from their recent shot to stardom. 

In his expletive-filled rant against the group, Noel said that everyone from the members, to the record company, to "the geezer" who writes their songs are "winning" because they are all getting their "bonuses at Christmas."  The 46-year-old even took a shot at his teenage fans, saying that they, too, are winning because "one day they might actually grow up" to give sexual favors to one of the members. 

Noel said the One Direction members "got lucky, like we all do."  He added that they know "it's all going to end at some point" and that they're trying to make sure they've "ticked all the boxes."