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(Yahoo!) - Fans of Radiohead can call off the "Karma Police." Thom Yorke and company aren't banned from your favorite Mexican fast food eatery, Chipotle, and reports of such things are greatly exaggerated.

The controversy began after Christopher Golub, the man who programs the music in more than 1,400 Chipotles across the country, was profiled by Denver Westword. In the piece, Golub is quoted about his music-programming philosophy. "It also has to have what I call 'texture of sound,'" he explains. "You know that if you go into a store, you've got the small, hard surfaces. You've got concrete floors, a lot of windows, hard walls and a lot of cooking gear and tile. So that doesn't work with certain songs."

The writer of the piece, Chris Utterback, then added, "For example, the high, tenuous yowl of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wreaks havoc with the steel and concrete of a Chipotle buildout. That means you won't hear 'Kid A' at Chipotle."

Those comments led NME to jump on that tidbit and blow it out like overstuffed burrito with a story headlined, "Radiohead banned from playlists in fast food chain Chipotle."

The only problem is that it's not true.

Yahoo! contacted Chipotle and spokesman Chris Arnold was boiling over about the controversy. "It was their [NME's] conclusion and not ours," he says. "And nowhere in the source article does it say Radiohead is banned. And in fact, they're not; they're in our current playlist."

Arnold added that there are two Radiohead tunes in restaurant's current playlist, but he didn't have the titles off the top of his head. So, in other words Radiohead fans, no need to run for the border and the inferior food at Taco Bell. You can still have your burrito and your Radiohead, too, at Chipotle.

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