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(Yahoo!) - To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Robert Kirkman's groundbreaking zombie comic, "The Walking Dead," artist Brian Ewing has created 18" X 24" posters of all four members of Weezer – frontman Rivers Cuomo, guitarist Brian Bell, bassist Scott Shriner and drummer Patrick Wilson – with a twist. They're portrayed as flesh-eating zombies!

The musicians handed the posters out to the first 400 fans that showed up to a July 19 signing at this year's Comi-Con in San Diego at FeeLIT. Ewing also printed up 100 posters of each individual band member, which are available for $30 each.

On Friday, Weezer was scheduled to perform at a theme party for "The Walking Dead," and will hand out more of Ewing’s full band posters at the show.

Bassist Shriner told the Los Angeles Times he feels an affinity with brain-dead zombies. "Weezer doesn't exactly embody apocalyptic survival culture, but Weezer and 'Walking Dead' both have thrived within indie subcultures and appeal to fans who float on the fringes."

He said he discovered the comic book series after watching the first season of its popular TV adaptation. "I lost touch with the comic culture for a while and thank 'The Walking Dead' for reconnecting me with what was an important aspect of my younger, snarkier years."

Shriner is so pleased with Ewing's Weezer zombies that he wants to get tattoos of the four images. "I want [them] on different parts of my body," he told The Los Angeles Times. "But I can't figure out where to place the Rivers tattoo."

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