New "Chips" Movie looks like fun

If you grew up watching "CHiPs" in the '70s and '80s, you knew it as a serious drama about two motorcycle cops named Jon Baker and Frank Poncharello, who worked for the California Highway Patrol.  

Dax Shepard plays Baker in the movie.  He wrote and directed it too.  His version is a comedy where Baker's a rookie cop and Michael Pena is an FBI agent using the name Poncharello as his undercover identity to investigate crooked cops in the CHP.   Maya Rudolph, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Kristen Bell are also in it.   Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada played Jon and Ponch on the original show.  Erik has a cameo in the remake, but Larry is hating on it pretty hard.  He says Warner Brothers ruined the brand and calls it, quote, "Dumb and Dumber on motorcycles.