Rockers Pay Tribute To Boston Drummer Sib Hashian

A number of iconic rockers paid tribute to former Boston drummer Sib Hashian who died last week while performing on the Legends of Rock Cruise.

From His former band mates, "Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Sib Hashian who unexpectedly passed away... Sib's high energy drumming on the early Boston albums and tours leaves a legacy that will be remembered by millions."

Hashian former Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau, who was performing with the drummer at the time of his collapse, shared this via Facebook, "Sib was [one] in a million, never to be replaced. He will be greatly missed."

Original Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm, who was also on the rock themed cruise, tweeted, "So sorry to hear about [the] passing of Boston Drummer Sib Hashian. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family during this time."

Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton had the following to say via Twitter, "Man, so sorry to hear about Sib Hashian's passing. Really good guy and fine drummer as well. RIP Sib."

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, who also sang for Boston, shared via Facebook, "I never had the chance to play with Sib but I was a member of the band…that he helped create…God Bless you My friend and thank you for your incredible contribution to my musical journey and to the history of rock and roll."

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