Elderly Neighbor Complains and Gets Slammed

Disrespectful teens assault old lady at pool party.Elderly Neighbor Complains About Noise, Is Body Slammed And Thrown In Pool

Throw her in!' Shocking moment elderly woman is 'body slammed' to the ground by a man and hurled into a swimming pool after asking rowdy teens to turn music downVideo shows woman walking dogs and asking revelers to turn music downOne man then picks the elderly woman up and the two fell onto the ground He then grabs her by her shirt and leg and throws her into a swimming pool It's unclear if the woman was injured in the incident as revelers fled the scene A shocking video shows a man body slamming an elderly woman to the ground before hurling her into a swimming pool. The unidentified woman, who was walking her two dogs, appeared to be asking a group of pool party-goers to turn down their music. As she approaches the group of people, who are believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, a woman is heard in the background yelling: 'Throw her in!'A man then pops up in front of her and picks her up as they both fall to the ground. It's unclear if the man accidentally slipped and fell with the woman in his arms or if his intention was to body slam her. However, he quickly got up and grabbed the woman by her shirt and one of her legs and hurled her into the swimming pool, falling in the pool himself. Her two dogs were also dragged along on their leashes, but managed to make a run for it before he threw their owner into the pool. The revelers can be heard in the background laughing and yelling in disbelief.After the man threw the woman in the swimming pool, panicked party-goers are filmed running away from the scene. It's unclear if the woman was hurt in the incident and it's also unknown when and where the incident took place.

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