Eddie Vedder Really Misses Chris Cornell

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder made an emotional tribute to his fallen friend, the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, during a June 6 solo performance at the Eventim Apollo in London, UK.  

"Sometimes it's hard to concentrate these days," Vedder began. "I was thinking about the history of this building and the Bowie history. So I started to think about that and my mind began to wander. It's not a good...So I haven't really been talking about some things and I kind of... now it feels like it's conspicuous because I lost a really close friend of mine, somebody who...

"I'll say this too," he continued. "I grew up as 4 boys, 4 brothers and I lost my brother two years ago tragically like that in an accident and after that and losing a few other people, I'm not good at it, meaning I'm not...I have not been willing to accept the reality and that's just how I'm dealing with it.