Showing respect. Holocaust Survivor Donates $1 M!

83-year-old Bernard Darty and his family own one of the largest appliance retailers in Europe, and he's also a Holocaust survivor.   He didn't end up in a concentration camp, but his mom did.  She was captured in France in 1942 when he was 7, and died at Auschwitz.  The only reason he didn't end up there too was because other families took him in and hid him from the Nazis.   He's always been very grateful to America as well, especially the troops who fought and liberated all the camps.  He still remembers when we landed at Normandy in 1944.  His wife Paulette was ALSO a child-in-hiding.  And every time he looks at family photos now, he thinks about how their family wouldn't even EXIST if it wasn't for America.  So earlier this month, they decided to give back in a big way . . . by donating a MILLION DOLLARS to charities that help U.S. veterans.   Half of the money went to the Wounded Warrior Project.  The other half went to a program run by the Red Cross called Service to the Armed Forces.  Bernard says he hopes his donation reminds people that it's never too late to give back . . . even if it's more than 70 years later.