Bullet Proof-Godsmack (video making of, sort of)

Godsmack have released a new music video for their track "Bulletproof" which features former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach and country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

The new clip was directed by Troy Smith and we were sent the following details about the concept, "In the video, Godsmack's manager--played by actual manager, Paul Geary--suggests that it's time for the band to expand their fan base by working with new (and clueless) video directors, including one played by Sebastian Bach and another by Billy Ray Cyrus.

"After being pitched a host of awful ideas, Sully Erna decides to hire his cousin, Salvatore Pasquale from Sicily, Italy. Everything hilariously goes wrong at the shoot, climaxing with the set catching fire and, ultimately, the destruction of the video files."

The song is the lead single from their forthcoming album "When Legends Rise", which is set to be released on April 27th.

                                             Wow!  Humor abounds, and some foul language!

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