Tommy Lee's Son Offers to Pay for His Rehab

Brandon Lee Offers to Pay for Tommy Lee's Rehab

Days after asking his father to keep their feud private, Brandon Lee is again suggesting his father, former Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, has an alcohol problem.

Brandon, 22, and his father spent the weekend trading barbs on Twitter and Instagram. The last round culminated with Brandon posting and later deleting footage of his knocked-out father from after the two got into a fistfight back in March

Tommy apparently responded to the video via Twitter: "Rehab for son: $130,000. Party for son's 21st birthday last year: $40,000. Medical bills after son knocks his father unconscious and uses 'alcoholism' as scapegoat: $10,000. Son acting like a victim on social media on father's day: Priceless."

To that, Brandon replied by posting a lengthy message to Instagram, griping about how his father didn't call him on his birthday (June 5) and pointing out that the two are acting "like kids." Brandon added that he and his dad should "keep this private" after all.


But then Tommy, either unaware or unconvinced of his son's request for a cease-fire, posted a screen grab of the Tweet detailing his son's expenses to Instagram. Brandon's tone changed.

"I thank my Dad for paying for my treatment," he wrote. "It's the best thing he has ever done for me. Today I am almost two years sober. Every day that goes by I feed ever more grateful. My clear mind has allowed me to do a lot with this time. So much so that I would like to offer to pay for his treatment."

If that last sentence is sincere or another subtle jab at his dad, only Brandon knows. But the situation certainly can't get uglier

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