STYX-Mr Roboto but NO "Mr. DeYoung"

STYX recently started playing "Mr. Roboto" in concert again . . . but don't get your hopes up for a reunion with DENNIS DEYOUNG, the former member who wrote it.  It sounds like that's NEVER happening.

Guitarist JAMES "J.Y" YOUNG says, quote, "I'm not mad at [DeYoung] anymore.  I've forgiven him and I wish the man well and happiness.  I just have no desire to work with him.  It doesn't open that door up for me in the least."  Young would also like you to know that they don't really play Dennis' version of the song.  Quote, "It's reinterpreted into something much more palatable to . . . myself and the rest of the gang  "We were looking for something new and a curveball to throw at the audience."