VIDEO: Knuckleheads Go Biking On The Semi Frozen Charles River And Fall In

Wait, is this a thing? I've always heard, "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHARLES RIVER IN THE WINTER! IT MAY LOOK SOLIDLY FROZEN BUT IT"S NOT! That's moving water!

I swam in the Charles once in the summertime, and I'll never forget the feeling of my feet squishing into the bottom. It felt like I touched hundreds of years of decaying leaves and cow carcasses, but I would never do this for, "wintertime fun."

Over the weekend, bikers hit the Charles for a ride. A couple of them brought GoPro cameras with them so we could experience what it feels like to fall into semi-frozen brown water in February. Look at them struggling to get out! You had a perfectly good Bruins game being played NEXT TO Lake Tahoe that you could have watched on the couch with snacks and beverages, but no, these guys wanted to tempt fate...and lost.

Check it out...