WATCH: Tom Brady Protected From The Madden Curse In New Video

Being on the cover of the EA Sports video game, Madden 22, is a huge honor for an NFL player. This year, 2 players will grace the cover for the first time in a decade. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will be staring back at you from the cover of Madden 22 MVP Edition.

Despite the fact that Tom Brady was the best in quarterback in football for years with the New England Patriots, he wasn't a Madden cover boy until Madden 18. Mahommes was the cover model for Madden 20. Now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks are the first players on the same cover since Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu in Madden 10.

But along with the honor, comes the Madden curse. Players featured on past covers have suffered injuries, some pretty significant. So protective measures are being taken.

Check out this new safety video EA Sports put out...

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