WATCH: So Now Karens Are Bringing Their Own Microphones On Planes To Rant

There's no shortage of "Karen" videos out there. Women and men who go on a rant in a store, street, airport, and it's caught on video and seen by millions. This "Air Karen" took it to a whole new level over the weekend. She brought her own sound system to make sure everybody heard her!

In the video you can see her stand up on a plane between a couple of flight attendants who are trying to get the situation under control, then she starts her rant about covid through her Sammy Hagar headset that she brought for the big moment.

“This is my microphone and you can’t take it. I tried borrowing yours, you don’t want to let me use it. I brought my microphone I’m gonna use it." Damn! She gets pretty good sound out of that!

Singer-songwriter Jawny posted the video mid-flight on Saturday, saying he bought the in-flight Wi-Fi just so he could upload the incident in realtime.

Check out the madness...

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