WATCH: Snoop Dogg Shares News Of His Mom's Passing With This Song In Boston

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Photo: Getty Images

Via Just hours after finding out his mother had passed away on Sunday, Snoop Dogg took the stage at Big Time Live on Causeway St. in Boston. Beverly Tate, 70, had died earlier in the day, but Snoop wanted the show to go on.

In an interview with, Randy Greenstein, a partner at Big Night Live said, “He was very emotional after the show. He thanked our team, said he needed this show. He needed the love from the audience. It meant a lot to him.”

A grieving Snoop told the crowd, “in the spirit of the people of Boston, I wanted to come out here and represent for y’all.” Before the last song of the night he asked the crowd to throw up 2 fingers to create a sea of peace as Ben E. King's, "Stand By Me' started playing. “Before we leave, we’re going to play this record for my mom.” He finished the show by telling the Boston crowd, “I f–king love y’all for getting my spirit right tonight. Peace, love and soul.”


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