Woman Shamed For Sexy Photo Shoot In Front Of Her Dad's Open Casket

Rear View Of People Carrying Coffin

Photo: Getty Images

An unidentified woman has been called, "disgusting,' 'trashy,' and 'despicable," for posing for a series of sexy Instagram photos in an 'inappropriate' black dress at her father's funeral.

The since deleted photos show her wearing a one-sleeve blazer mini dress with a plunging neckline, black tights, and tall heeled boots, striking poses right next to her father's coffin while kicking up one heel, doing a prayer pose, and offering a close-lip smile to the camera. Ummmm, she doesn't look like she's grieving.

A Redditor who spotted the Instagram post said the caption simply read 'rip' with a string of hashtags including #papi #dadless #veteran #ptsd #funeral #neverforgotten. 

So bizarre, why would you do this at your father's funeral?

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