Steve Vai Leads Close to 8,000 Guitarists in Attempt to Break World Record

Steve Vai recently led almost 8,000 guitarists in a record breaking performance of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Hey Joe."

The performance took place in Wrocław, Poland on May 1st at the town's annual "Thanks Jimi Festival."

According to Guitar World, the first attempt happened 20 years ago and saw a group of 588 players performing. The event has grown much bigger since then. Last year’s attempt featured a reported 7,676 guitarists, which means if the count of 7,968 for this year's attempt that Vai posted on Instagram is correct, a new record has been set!

Vai added, "It sounded like someone kicked a bee hive! It was glorious to see all those folks playing guitars and enjoying the event. Really quite amazing."

Check out the video he posted on Instagram below.

photo: getty images

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