Scott Stapp's 'Gone Too Soon'

Former Creed frontman is streaming his brand new track "Good Too Soon". The song comes from his forthcoming album "The Space Between The Shadows".

The album is set to hit stores this Friday, July 19th and "Good Too Soon" reflects on the tragedy of loss and Stapp explained the inspiration of the song to Billboard.

He said, "Somewhere around the time Chester passed, and we had already been reeling from Cornell's passing, I was flipping through the news and saw the suicide rate for (U.S. military) vets was skyrocketing, and all these people are OD-ing from heroin, drug addictions, opioids. The school shootings.

"It was just a collection of things that all hit me at once. So it was inspired by a series of events that just came together to impact me as a human being, all at once.

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