"You'll Never Be White" Racist Black Teacher Harasses Hispanic-American Cop

This video is difficult to watch.

A Black motorist who claims to be a school teacher harassed a police officer after purportedly violating multiple driving laws.

The woman attacked the officer because of his Hispanic heritage while calling him a murderer.

This is why nobody wants to be a police officer. We treat heroes like villains and we wonder why our crime is spiking all over America.

Ariel Zilber reports:

A black motorist who was pulled over in Southern California for using a cell phone while driving went on a racist tirade against a Hispanic sheriff's deputy, calling him a 'murderer' and telling him he'll 'always be a Mexican' and he'll 'never be white.'
The body cam video of the April 23 incident in San Dimas surfaced on Monday. The clip was first obtained by Fox News.