Biden Insults & Demeans Female Reporter in Front of Her Colleagues

Yesterday President Pumpkin Brains verbally attacked and insulted a female reporter in front of her colleagues.

She was just doing her job.

The reporter asked a simple question and Biden snapped on her.

Do the rules from 2016-2020 still apply? Because according to liberals Joe Biden just endangered this woman's life.

Zero Hedge reports:

President Biden finished fielding questions following his solo press conference after today's some two-and-a-half hour long bilateral summit with Putin in Geneva (shorter than widespread expectations). Just as he was walking away from the podium, reporters in the press pool continued shouting him down with questions. It seems many weren't satisfied with his apparently more amicable and conciliatory than expected stance on Putin and Russia generally.
Specifically it seems some were disappointed that he didn't personally condemn Putin with harsher language, and that's when this unexpected scene played out... "What the Hell?" the US President shouted back at CNN's Kaitlan Collins after she got his attention by calling out his saying he was "confident" about the future trajectory of US-Russia dialogue.
"What do you do all the time?... If you don't understand that, you're in the wrong business," a clearly agitated and angry Biden followed with, appearing to immediately 'get personal' instead of dealing directly with the question.
The clip went viral in the moments after if happened, with some quipping that "Biden needs to take anger management classes."

Is the Left's love affair with Joe Biden starting to fade?

Here's one of the biggest liberals on Twitter...

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