Walton And Johnson

Walton And Johnson

The legacy of the Walton & Johnson show continues after 4 decades as Steve Johnson hosts with longtime producer Kenny Webster. The show is a mix of...Full Bio

Bidens latest 'wonder off' cover up - FRI 5A

Lina the speed addict, and Trump get the last word - FRI 6A

How many drag queens must one know to get into office - FRI 7A

Beer or jail - FRI 8A

Thou shalt not twerk - FRI 9A

The new Star Wars sucks

Kenny Webster interviews comedian Tim Mathis.

Did illegal immigrants kill a 12-year-old Houston girl?

This podcast edition Kenny Webster's Pursuit of Happiness features comedian Tim Mathis.  ( @KennethRWebster )

Are they trying to take out Elon Musk - THU 5A

Today on the W&J show, the boys talk about racist TV commercials being promoted by people who claim to hate racism, and learn about Elon Musk saying there are homicidal maniacs after him.

Putin and Lil Kim go on a date - THU 6A

Today on the W&J show, the boys talk about 1st amendment rights being used incorrectly by democrats, and the boys do a ‘Ruski’ report on Putin and Lil Kim.

The WNBA is being forced down our throats - THU 7A

Today on the W&J show, the boys talk about the latest Disney movie doing well due to not having woke BS, and later read a news story about an entire playground being stolen.